1. I really like this series of photos – I’m sure they’re quite different to the ones that appeared in the QX-type magazines after the event, but these are wonderfully human, most of the people look like real people, tired and a bit jaded. For me, these images show the gap between the fantasy and the reality of a fetish scene beautifully and I’m reminded of the passage in the Grason Perry book when he talked about the moment he realised no matter how much money or effort he put into his clothes and make-up he was never, ever going to look like a pretty girl. I also find the pics touching, and the one of the guy being tied to the tree is very powerful. That face is haunting; so exhausted and bleak, it reminds me, for some reason, of Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’ series, or something biblical.

  2. Thank you luv. Those pictures are a bit dysphoric, and I hesitate to show them because I do not intend to expose individual people. But there is something about these commercially organised events and the sort of social exchange they promote that makes me very uneasy. I used to be so fascinated and somehow still am, but even looking at the same fetish scenes, sexy guys all dressed up, I feel like the meaning of it all has changed. The surface is the same, but at the core it has become about something else. Maybe, as a friend says, “J’ai passé l’age”, but I perceive the same disorientating phenomenon in other aspects of life. My problem is how to capture it, the phenomenon, without “exposing” individuals. Maybe it is that why I increasingly resort to staged pictures.

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