1. Hey there, great shoot Jan, we’ll done y’all. I think some of these shots work brilliantly, I love the first one, a convincing ‘character’, then number 5, a great ’80s album cover look, like a cross between Kim Wilde and Alison Moyet, my favourite, this one. I also love number 13, which is going a bit sort of glam-DEVO and number 14 which is just beautiful. Choosing is going to be tough mister!

  2. hey Jan,
    I don’t know shit about “sharpness, colour saturation, softness or harshness of contrast”, but I can tell you that merlin_dietrich-5-jpg, the third one shown here, is fucking sexy as shit!! by the way, who came up with that wonderful name for him? it’s so fitting :) I also do like the one with me in it – I see what you were saying about those reflections – nice!

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