1. Such laser-sighted commentary, Jan: I share your view; had Cameron chosen another sort of story – a less pious one – all those uncomfortable contradictions re. content versus production wouldn't come into play. At least if Avatar was about a real rainforest tribe, some of the films mega-profits could be handed out in a touchy-feely fairtrade love-fest and consciences salved. I think James Cameron is probably a bit thick – or, more kindly, an adolescent. However, I'm sure in terms of visual splendour, the planet of Pandora blew your red woolly socks off – I know it did me. I also discovered I fancied the Naa'vi a little bit by the end… superficial, moi? :-)How's Berlin?I'm sending out a 'label' file to Phil, who'll forward it to you – a template for creating the labels to go beside/below our work – for dimensions, titles, materials etc.

  2. Thanks, Phil. Of course, it blew my socks off and the big boots, too.I am not sure that Cameron is thick and that the choice of the story was a slightly unfortunate oversight. I actually do think that the choice of story was very intentional. Hollywood tells America the stories it wants to tell itself. As war becomes peace, the exploitation of natural resources in sensitive biotopes becomes "saving the planet", a reduction in wealth for the poorest sells as "raising the value of work", high tech military technology and global enterprise come in the guise of tree hugging peaceniks living in tune with Nature. That is no accident; it's propaganda.Of course, you are superficial; wait for the adult version of Avatar… Give it time, the price of CGI will come down, and you can have your on-screen lovers come any colour and size you want, equipped with superpowers. Render me turned on…

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